Real Estate and Investment Consulting In order to be one step ahead in real estate investment, it is important to earn while purchasing. Location, zoning status, the function of the real estate, supply-demand balance in its location should be well calculated. We have a team to provide the most accurate information to the clients regarding this matter. Family Business Management Consultancy In order to enable many family companies take the correct steps at the stage of institutionalization; we create a work program which is in compliance with the flow of life and the structure of the company, following the works we carry out by our specialized professional team. This program is composed of many steps. Examination of the field of activity of the companies, face to face discussions with the board of directors, bringing the family members together on the basis of the least common denominator for the work, evaluation process realized by our team and proposal of the agreement conditions constitute the basic stages of the process. Our team, which specifically works with experienced, academic and professional staff in the fields of investment and real estate consulting, legal consulting and administrative developments starts working following the conclusion of an agreement.